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They Still Find Place in the Market
Marius Danazas
23/03/2007, Verslo žinios, No. 56, p.14, Column Mano verslas, Emilita

Private limited liability company “Emilita”, located in Šiauliai and engaged in the sale of welding and metalworking equipment and supplies, has not been afraid to force itself into the open market and thus has successfully managed to establish its position in it. The corporate strategy has also contributed to the success of the company – to offer its customers a varied range of goods, favourable service and payment conditions.


Tomas Tamulionis, director and co-owner of “Emilita”, states that there are 6 companies and the affiliates specialising in welding products in Šiauliai city.”Emilita”, who started its activity in August 2004, is one of the youngest companies in this business area in the city. Making first steps in already fully occupied market did not prevent the company to successfully develop its business. Over 2.5 years its turnover has reached almost LTL 3 million, this year the company expects to reach LTL 3.5 million turnover. Last year the company’s gross profit was 36%.
“Currently we are among 10 largest sellers of welding equipment and supplies in Lithuania and we have goals and ambitions to be among the top 5. It is difficult to successfully establish your position in the market within 3 years. Before starting business you must have a strategy on how to work, what to offer and you need to have something to stand out from other companies. I saw the possibility to offer goods at lower prices, to have a more varied range of goods and not to engage only in the sale of welding equipment and accessories but also to sell other metalworking tools and supplies. This strategy has served the purpose”, Mr. Tamulionis says.
“Emilita” has more than 200 regular customers; the majority of them are from Northern Lithuania. Last year the company began to sell welding equipment and supplies in all Lithuania. This year the company expects to enter the Latvian market and to expand its trade in the Kaliningrad region. It is forecasted that 30 percent of the company’s turnover will be from export. The company mainly sells welding equipment and supplies, these goods account for about 70% of total sales, personal protective equipment and metalworking tools comprise the rest.
“Our main bargaining chip is the range of goods, their quality, price and effective customer service.
This helped the company to quickly gain the trust of customers. It is necessary to make the efforts to be able to ensure the customers that their problems will always be solved if they apply to us”, the businessman tells.


Speed and flexibility
About 90 percent of company products are imported directly from the manufactures. “Emilita” collaborates with ten foreign companies from Italy, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Poland, Turkey and China. About 90 percent of goods are delivered directly to the customers, moreover, the company always tries to respond to repair calls quickly and in the event it is not able to repair the equipment immediately, the company allows the customer to use other equipment during the repair period.
“You must be flexible, to take care of prompt delivery of goods as well as prompt repair of equipment, if necessary, and offer your customers the most convenient payment options. Our company is small, the administrative body of the company is not large, thus we can be fast and flexible. This is the main advantage of a small ”, Mr. Tamulionis claims.


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