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To be a steadily growing, professional, reliable and  constantly expanding the range of products as well as best satisfying customer needs  wholesale and retail sale company in Baltic states.



We seek mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation, thus:



We cherish values which have been formed on the grounds of our aspirations:

Respect – mutual respect and trust allows us to seek maximum results.

Flexibility – the terms and conditions of collaboration meeting the needs of business partners and other related persons.

Reliability – fulfilment of obligations to employees and business partners is the key to stability of the company.

A human being – only free people who are allowed to learn, improve, express their opinion and have a purposeful rest can form a team being able to achieve highest goals.

Quality – we create effectively functioning complete system which is reflected by optimal work results of the company and its professional team.

Long-term partnership – not the pursuit of short-term benefit but long-term relationships create  the conditions for constant growth and prosperity of the company.



The main focus of the company is to satisfy the needs and wishes of its customers, therefore we provide complete and accurate information about our products and services. “Emilita” provides innovative and cost-effective proposals which allow the customer to gain a competitive advantage.

We aim for profesionalism, thus we supply only top-quality products.

We ensure the appropriate quality, price and timely delivery ratio. Rather often we notice that timely product supply is very important for intensive or continuous manufacturing process.

We together with our customers create long-term collaborative relationships. It allows us to determine the needs of the customer, necessary products and their reserves.

We are always looking for innovations and introduce them into the market. We are confident that innovations provide our customers with increased productivity and quality guarantees. Our perspective lies in new product and technology absorption, their exploration and placing on the market.

Collaboration with highly experienced manufactures and suppliers of Europe and other countries also helps us to implement all these goals.

Young and enterprising team of the company meets all challenges, considers all customers to be important because their welfare is relatively proportional to our well-being. It is easy to be convinced of our expertise and professionalism because you just need to visit our company “Emilita”.



We believe that success is a companion only of real professionals.  All our employees are highly experienced and competent specialists. Employees are a company’s greatest asset since its success is directly proportional to the quality of the work performed by employees. Diligence, creativity and loyalty to the company and customers are the most valuable traits of employees.

We are a reliable partner because we seek profit not only for ourselves but also for the companies we collaborate with. We may not have benefit, but we will certainly keep our promises. We aim to be your successful business facilitators.

We strive to maintain fair competition. Our goal is to win the competition but only by employing the measures which are allowed by laws and are based on universal moral principles.