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In 07.2004 – „Emilita“ UAB was founded in Šiauliai, its headquarters address was located at 26 Pramonės Street. Floor area of the premises was 75m2. Two employees worked in the company.(..gallery..)

05.2006 – As the scope of activities began to expand, the company moved to larger premises located at 10 Liejyklos St., in Šiauliai, floor area  – 268m2. Five employees worked at the company at that time. (..gallery..)

08.2008 – In order to offer a wider range of goods and services, as well as to improve the quality of customer service the company moved to new more spacious premises in Šiauliai, located at 8 Metalistų Street. Floor area of the premises is  500m2. The number of employees has increased by up to 9 employees. At the occasion of moving to these new premises, store opening event was organised for our customers(..gallery..)

In 05.2009 – the branch of „Emilita“ UAB in Panevėžys city was established at 1 Janonio Street.  Its floor area is 196m2. Three employees work here(..gallery..)

In 11.2010 – the company established its branch in Klaipėda city. Its current address is 11 Šilutės pl., Klaipėda. Floor area of the premises is 147 m2. Four employees work here(..gallery..)

09.2014 – The branch was established in Kaunas city. Its current address is 1S Elektrėnų St., Kaunas. Its floor area is 100 m2. Two employees work here(..gallery..)




In 08.2009 – the company became the official representative of ESAB – welding supplies, equipment and accessories manufacturer  – in Lithuania.(..gallery..)

In 10.2011 – we became the official representative of ALUNOX- manufacturer of aluminum welding consumables – in Lithuania. (..gallery..)

In 04.2014 – „Emilita“ UAB became the official representative of ABAC – piston and screw compressor manufacturer- in Lithuania.(..gallery..)




The employees of „Emilita“ UAB take part in various professional training and business seminars to improve their professional skills:

10.2006 – Italy, TELWIN company. (..gallery..)

10.2007 – Germany, PROTOOL company. (..gallery..)

11.2007 – Italy, TELWIN company. (..gallery..)

02.2008 – Lithuania, PROTOOL company. (..gallery..)

09.2015 – Sweden, ESAB company. (..gallery..)




09.2005 – In order to better satisfy customer needs and present latest technology to the market the our staff visited the international metal cutting, welding and processing trade fair  in Germany (MESSE ESSEN; SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN). (..gallery..)

03.2008 – Our employees visited the international fair of tools and equipment in Germany KOELNMESSE; EISENWARENMESSE). (..gallery..)

04.2008 – „Emilita“ UAB took part in International Construction and Renovation Exhibition “RESTA 2008” in Lithuania and presented  the newest CEDIMA equipment and tools to the market. (..gallery..)

09.2009 – Our employees visited the international metal processing, cutting and welding trade fair in Germany (MESSE ESSEN; Schweissen & Schneiden). (..gallery..)

09.2010 – ESAB Demobus mobile showroom  was located at Šiauliai branch of the company. During the shows held the customers were introduced to the latest trends in the development of welding technology. During practical demonstrations the welding experts answered relevant questions and presented innovative welding technologies. (..gallery..)

09.2013 – We attended the international metal processing, cutting and welding trade fair in Germany (MESSE ESSEN; SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN). (..gallery..)

03.2014 – Company employees visited the international tools and equipment trade fair in Germany (KOELNMESSE; EISENWARENMESSE). (..gallery..)

09.2016 – Klaipėda branch invited ESAB Demobus mobile showroom, which is packed with welding products. The visitors of the exhibition could get acquainted with innovations in the field of welding, they had the opportunity to try out the latest welding equipment and take part in the lottery. (..gallery..)




The company holds Certificates proving that „Emilita“ UAB has a high credit rating and is a reliable business partner being able timely meet all its financial obligations. (..gallery..)

Our company was awarded the Gazelė  Award.  The latter awards are intended for Lithuania’s fastest growing companies according to the sales turnover over the last 4 years, the list of which is drawn up by Lithuanian business daily newspaper, Verslo Žinios. (..gallery..)

01.2014 – The head of „Emilita“ UAB was awarded the Certificate The strongest in Lithuania Leaders 2013. This award confirms that the company and its leader are reliable and timely fulfil their financial obligations and there is a strong probability that they will do that in the future. (..gallery..)

12.2014 – According to the Credit bureau Creditinfo data, in 2014 „Emilita“ UAB  remained among the most  economically stable companies in Lithuania. (..gallery..)

12.2015 – According to the Credit bureau Creditinfo data, Emilita“ UAB has been a financially reliable partner for five years. It properly executes its financial obligations and always maintains a high credit rating. (..gallery..)

12.2016 – „Emilita“ UAB still maintains its position as a financially reliable partner and according to the Credit bureau Creditinfo data, it has a high credit rating. (..gallery..)