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Private Limited Liability Company  “Emilita” is a contemporary and modern company which has been serving its customers in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Russia for more than 10 years. The company headquarters is located in Šiauliai. The commercial, administrative and storage facilities occupy 500 square meters.

In order to be closer to its customers and ensure timely supply of goods as well as a proper pricing, the company has established its branches in major cities of Lithuania such as Panevėžys, Klaipėda and Kaunas.

The company is engaged in a wholesale and retail trade of the following goods:


Since we offer only the highest quality products which comply with the standards in force in Europe, we choose only  the best manufacturers such as:


Esab, Telwin, Kuhtreiber, Sokol therm, Sincosald, Jasic, Vanad, Migweld, Anykščių varis, Alunox, Atlantic china welding consumables, Changzhou huatong welding wire co, Kennametal stellite, Felder, Binzel-abicor, Hypertherm, Kjellberg, Victor, Bartoni, Plasma-point, I.C.E.M, 3M, Leman, Bibielle, Dronco, Tyrolit, T.C.S., Plasma-point, Makita, Protool, Festool, Metabo, Cedima, Rems, Fiskars, Gold-Elephant, Osborn, Pferd, Hedi, Oma, Abac, Pneutec, Irwin, Cejn, Compass, Knipex, Wiha, Toptul, Corona, YDS, Sariv, Krass, Wika, Providus  and etc.


‘…the right tools and equipment for solid work’ is the slogan which confirms the company’s philosophy. It reflects our essential goal –to ensure that the products represented by “Emilita” would provide its customers with higher production reliability, efficiency and quality guarantees. We have already proved to our customers that high-quality materials and tools are an essential condition for a productive work and good results.

We believe that success is a companion only of real professionals.  All our employees are highly experienced and competent specialists who are always ready to provide all the relevant information you are interested in and assist in finding innovative and salutary solutions. If requested, it is possible to show the selected products, to harmonize them, supervise and train your employees to use them, as well as to carry out maintenance, warranty and post-warranty repairs.

We are energetic, hard-working and goal-oriented company. In our daily activities we seek reliable cooperation and continuous improvement to ensure provision of best services and quality of goods.



We are inviting you to come and purchase the desired goods under most favourable conditions.